All tutus, bustles and overskirts can be order in any size, any colour, with or without pants. 

Made to order, these are some examples of my work.

Skull & Roses Lace edged Tutu £35

PVC  Lace edged Tutu £35

Cream Guipure Lace Over-Bustle


Satin & Feather Bustle 


Rose Sequin  Lace edged Tutu £35

Red Sequin  Lace edged Tutu £35

Vintage Satin Lace Ruffled Bustle


Sequin Mermaid Bustle


Monster Print  Lace edged Tutu £35

Star Wars Print  Lace edged Tutu £35

Satin & PeacockFeather Bustle 


Black Guipure Lace Over-Bustle